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You can make it happen with a donation to our Annual Fund Drive

2014 Annual Fund Drive

GIEF is supported by donations and gifts from individuals and companies who believe in fostering educational opportunities for the residents and students of Grosse Ile which are otherwise unfunded due to budget restraints. GIEF is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 c3 organization.

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"Thank You for Your Generosity"

Dear Friends,
The Grosse Ile Educational Foundation wants to thank all who have supported the educational goals of Grosse Ile Township Schools and the community with their generous support of our programs and fundraisers.

The GIEF Annual Fund Drive is an opportunity to continue your support ensuring that we may help our community and schools go above and beyond in education.

Thanks to generous contributors like you, GIEF provides funding for research-based, school-boardapproved, teacher- and administrator-initiated programs for the classroom and beyond.

Programs and tools that make a real difference like our exciting new Adopt an iPad program, teacher training in the new math curriculum, PLC’s and the WEB Bullying program. GIEF granted ACT prep for every high school junior, math materials for our middle school, Spanish for our elementary students and loads of interesting books in our classrooms and libraries. We funded the Lake Erie field trip and a new boat for the Learn to Sail program. We sparked creative learning with pottery and jewelry kilns and helped the Boar’s Head perform again.
Since we began in 1996, GIEF has awarded grants in excess of $900,000 - made possible only by your generous contributions to our critically important annual fundraisers, including this Annual Fund Drive Pledge.

Please join us in pursuit of educational excellence for all islanders by making a 2014 contribution.

Lisa Athens, Jim Bennett, Lisa Blackburn, Jill Craig, Jackie DeSana, Eileen Ellis, William Eis, John Formentin, Mike Georges, Shelly Gladowski, Barb Klemans, Kurt Kobiljak, Charlie Lowler, Trisha Mans, Stacy McGowan, Julie Moretti, John Rista, Suzy Williams, Cheryl Zula

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GIEF is You
GIEF represents the best of Grosse Ile, who we are and what we believe in. We are a pay it back and pay it forward community that values education and its impact on our quality of life. Without You, GIEF is not possible. Without You, grants, promised programs and future funding will simply end. Please join the generous donors listed with an annual donation to GIEF.
Please contribute to the 2014 Annual Fund.

Mission Statement
The Grosse Ile Educational Foundation, Inc is a volunteer, non-profit community organization committed to life long educational experiences for the students and families of Grosse Ile. We do this by financially supporting creative and exemplary educational opportunities provided through Grosse Ile Township Schools and the community.

Needs of the Foundation
When one thinks of donating to a foundation you can often refer to what we are looking for- time, talent, and treasure. Not only are we looking for money to give back to our schools and community, but we are also looking for volunteers who have time and talent to assist us in raising the funds; through committee work, special events, and donated goods and services.

Foundation Priorities
The GIEF has prioritized eight key areas of interest. This list provides a framework for the board when considering grants to be awarded. These are reviewed annually and updated as the needs of the schools and community change.

    Grants Awarded:

Articles of Incorporation - January of 1995
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